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About Ira

“I believe the time has come

  Where we ask again on earth

    Whom do you serve?

      Is it fear?

        Is it time?

          Is it restless fervour?

But look yonder as a child is born,

  A whole cosmic entity;

    I dream you find within yourself 

      Your own self in your true spirit community.

To birth a being of living hope,

  And a being of immortality.”

  - Sabari, co- creator of Ira

Ira was born amidst the floods of December 2015, in Chennai, in one of the only functional, little spaces amidst the chaos, water and pain. Arising from a cry or pain of watching children, education and lives either in mainstream or alternative schools, Ira was also born from a surge of hope - a hope to renew the way we meet and look at children, teaching, work, life and most essentially ourselves.


In a time and age when learning, training and becoming a better teacher has meant gathering more information, skills and capabilities - we started our journey at Ira to listen again to Rudolf Steiner’s indications of our time and age.

“Of necessity our educational task will differ from those which mankind has set itself hitherto. Not that we are so vain or proud as to imagine that we, of ourselves, should initiate a new world-wide order in education, but because from anthroposophical spiritual science we know that the epochs of human evolution as they succeed each other must always set humanity fresh tasks.…” - Rudolf Steiner

  • How is it that we understand our task as a teacher for this age and time?

  • What does it mean to be a teacher?

  • What lies fundamental to human development?


The Ira Waldorf Education Foundation Course embarks on a journey of seven modules to understand:

  • What is "being human"?

  • What do I do with the children before me?

  • How do I learn to “see” them and understand what they seek? 

  • How do I serve them best for their own destiny and mine?

  • How can I constantly stay striving?

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