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Taikura Rudolf Steiner School
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Rudolf Steiner
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First Waldorf School
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Ira Reference Material

  Ira Library (eBooks)

  Module 1-3 Lectures
    04-08 Nov 2019

  Module 1 Lectures
    26-29 May 2018
     10-13 Nov 2018
     18-22 May 2019
     02-05 Jun 2019

  Module 2-3 Lectures
     18-22 May 2018
      25-29 May 2019
      02-05 Jun 2019

  Module 4-6 Lectures

      03-06 Jun 2019
      19-21 Oct 2019

  Autism: Lecture by Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna
       20 May 2019

Other Training in India
  Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna
  Humanising Education (Class 6-12)

  IPMT (Medical)
  Rudolf Steiner Malschule (Art)
  Sadhana (Waldorf Kindergarten)

Important Links
  Anthroposophical Events - India
  Anthroposophic Medical Society
  Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib
  The Online Waldorf Library
  Waldorf Education in India

Autism Book
 Autism: Meet Me Who I Am

Why Waldorf

Waldorf 100 - Becoming

Known Waldorf / Waldorf Inspired
Schools in India   

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